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Tranquility is in short supply in our lives these days. Our bodies and spirits yearn for it, but it seems harder and harder to come by. We rush from one thing to the next, consumed by ever-increasing demands on our time. And as those demands grow, the opportunities to unwind become more and more important – and rare. That’s why we take the quality of the spa experience so seriously at Artesian. We understand that each precious minute you spend relaxing in one of our spas erases hours of stress, healing body, mind and spirit in ways nothing else can. With that in mind, we focus all our skill and experience on building the finest spas in the world. When you choose to entrust us with your valuable time, we make every minute count.

You’ll fall in love with an Artesian Platinum Spa on looks alone, but everyone knows a real relationship is about personality as much as appearance. And the Platinum Spa personality is all about performance. It’s the strong silent type. These spas offer a more effective hydrotherapy experience than virtually any other spa in its class. The quiet, powerful delivery of water to our sophisticated, high-volume, patented Helix jets ensures a luxurious deep tissue massage that’s unmatched by other spas. That gorgeous exterior may catch your eye, but once you get to know a Platinum Spa you’ll discover a deep, meaningful relationship you won’t want to live without.


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